Nightingale & Sparrow Micropoets: The Top Ten – 2021

The Top Ten - 2021

Nightingale & Sparrow Micropoets: The Top Ten – 2021

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Nightingale & Sparrow Press
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In the leadup to each issue of Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine, the N&S editorial staff selects a series of micropoems to feature on social media in the days leading up to each issue’s launch.  While these pieces aren’t published in the magazine issue, they’re posted to the N&S site alongside the issue’s web archive.

To further give back to our micropoem contributors, we’ve decided to publish yet another microchapbook of micropoems.  Featuring the “top ten” N&S micropoets of 2021, we’re thrilled to share the 2021 edition of Nightingale & Sparrow Micropoets!

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The top ten micropoets of 2021 were chosen by the N&S staff.

  • After the Storm – Lynn White
  • The end of the affair – Sadie Maskery
  • Temperature – Caitlin M.S. Buxbaum
  • feel – Mark Goodwin
  • Childhood – Shiksha Dheda
  • Song -Bradley Samore
  • Breathless – Cynthia Anne Cashman
  • Air / Born – JP Seabright
  • Watery silence – Miriam Calleja
  • When the lights came on – Scott Elder

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