Beyond the Balcony Rosette

Beyond the Balcony Rosette

Cynthia Cashman


A Shadorma

peeps with her first blush,
Moonbeams melt.
Stars dissolve
quietly to kiss light’s face
now rosy risen.

My Love Come Dance

A Couplet Sonnet

My love, my love, come dance with me
in sweet delight tonight carefree.
Soaring souls mount heavenly stairs
leaving behind sorrows salt tears.
Hearts entwined together are bright,
waltzing past sunsets afterlight,
gleaming wings lift as angels sing,
“Holy Lord”, to the wellspring king.
For what is love but all divine,
sustaining life: sweet nectarine.
Those lips that taste of paradise
worth all the living sacrifice.
My love, my love, my cherished one,
love you more than the rising sun.

Still Night

Placid waters formed
beneath the rising moon;
nightingales sang
to comfort the still night.
Stars aligned in formations
of old, still toasting the winds
that kiss the sweet waters below.

Cynthia Anne Cashman