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Editor’s Letter

Founding Editor, Juliette Sebock


First Snow, Stefanie Kirby

Snow is a Blanket Fort My Children Built, Matthew Miller

Solution, Maia Joy

False Narrative, Elizabeth Joy Levinson

Iced, Ann Howells

always winter, Kim Backalenick Escobar

Snowstorm Overdose, Naoise Gale

Not Everything About Winter is Winter, Peter Stewart O’Grady

in a dream i kiss my father’s dead mouth, Karson

The Hibernation, Anna Lindsay

Descending melody, Emily Ford

Moods of Falling, Joanna Friedman

Yule Known, Kate Gough

Breaking Story, Karla Linn Merrifield

Whenever it snows., John C. Polles

The Blizzard of ‘96, Merril D. Smith

Snow, Kathryn de Leon

Intimations of Death, Passing through Connecticut, James Dowthwaite

All That is Solid, Lynn White

A Cycle of Endings, Amanda Crum


Snowsquall, Jasmine Kuzner


Vulpes lagopus, Matthew Pinkney

Night Walks – Part II, Penny Pennell

Dagger, Andrea Lynn Koohi

Weathering the Storm, Kristina Saccone

Followed?, Nicola Ashbrook

A Midwinter Night’s Dream, Fija Callaghan


As Eyelashes in Winter, Cory Funk

Copse, Dane Hamann

Limestone, Dane Hamann

The Popples are Sleeping, Kimberly Wolkens

Rime and Veins, Cory Funk

Into the Unknown, Kimberly Wolkens

Barbs, Cory Funk

Tracks, Dane Hamann

distant light, Sarah Leavesley

from “The Enduring Chill of a Long Ago Blizzard,” Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Snow Tail, Michael Nelson

Cover Image

Unbroken, Cory Funk


In the leadup to blizzard, we shared a series of micropoems across social media: 

blizzard micropoems