Constance Schultz

heat she said I’m hot

& everyone needs to just cool
down in a lake

on volcanic rock cooled into a smooth

chair in all that soft sand they need to cool

their cores no shoes/get away/dunk
your hair/pause cool

look at all the cooled blues/
the hues the skies same

as on the other side
cooling & for good-

ness sake don’t look
at your cool cool cool phone & when

you come out everyone/will still be cool

as hot as it was look
out for sand

hornets & cactus hiding
in disreputable places

aware you are cool in just a swimsuit &
can burn aware of cool/it is likely

& cool you are/so cool &

still sweat drips/all the people cool every one
glows cooly but now you can just close
your eyes & feel cool water of the lake
see the sky watch out for cactus uncool & think

how nice the a/c feels as you walk through

Constance Schultz