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Editor’s Letter

Founding Editor, Juliette Sebock


December Daybreak, Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon

(The crow), an excerpt from “Atlas,” Glenn Bach

Flight, Arlene Antoinette

A Composition of Melodious Words, Justine Akbari

Kite Flying, Arian Farhat

Prayer, Steve Bucher

Migration, Mary Christine Delea

Space Cadet, Lisa Lerma Weber

In Flight, Joan McNerney

Babybird, Lannie Stabile

Bright sky, Carol Alena Aronoff

malignant dystopia, Linda M. Crate

Superman With Angel’s Wings, Lynn White

Halycon, Hilda Coleman (Jupiter)

Little Bird, Kristiana Reed

Country Boy, Jack M. Freedman

the tricks of bandages, A.H. Lewis

Tacit Clarity, W. Rebecca Wood

Thankful, Elisabeth Horan

birds, opening act, Caroline Grand-Clement

Dreamers Dream Dreamers Do, Akif Kichloo

Leaves of Late November, Kristin Ferragut

Flight Response, Zoe Mitchell

Drive, Visar

Soar, Sara Kelly

Necromancy, Jennifer Wilson

Silence – a lost art, Megha Sood

we wait for something beautiful then we destroy it, Stuart Buck

New Year, Sarah Schaff

before you leave, Prem Sylvester

A Murmuration of Starlings, Amanda Crum

Journal Entry, Judy DeCroce

Quarter Life Blues in Solitude, Tiffany Moton

Writing is a kind of monsoon, Satya Dash

Wingless, Charlotte Hamrick

If Nothing Else, Jessalyn Johnson


Submersion, K.B. Carle

Ascending Cliffs in the Distance, Jeffrey Yamaguchi


The Inertia of Wings, Ray Ball

Airplane Vignettes, Erin Moran

Adrift, Robin Anna Smith


A Mother’s Love, Kimberly Wolkens

The Fall of Icarus, Mel D. Sullivan

Flyer, Jennifer Porter

The Pineal Door, Shawn McClure

Right Now, Long Ago, Scott Moses


Perspective from the Pillbox, Zoe Philippou

Intangible MatterZoe Philippou

ReachZoe Philippou

Guadalupe, Tucker Lieberman

Flying Free, Tarra Palacios-Perez

TogetherZoe Philippou

lift off, Britton Minor

A Dragon in our MidstZoe Philippou

Guiding Light, Tarra Palacios-Perez

Peaceful Easy Feeling, Tarra Palacios-Perez

Daytime ReflectionsZoe Philippou

Ascending Cliffs in the Distance, Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Devil’s Den No MoreZoe Philippou

Soar, Claire Loader

Running from Day, Zoe Philippou

Sunset Flight, Tarra Palacios-Perez

Alex in flight, Britton Minor

Witching Hour, Zoe Philippou

A Vague MemoryZoe Philippou

Speed of LightZoe Philippou

hover, Britton Minor

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Gregor, Britton Minor


In the leadup to flight, we shared a series of micropoems across social media: 

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