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Editor’s Letter

Founding Editor, Juliette Sebock


Into the Fire, Rickey Rivers Jr.

Inferno, Naya Jackson

August, 1980, Jody Burke-Kaiser

a spark to set the world on fire, Jessica Minyard

Secret Lovers, Ivy Monte

Fire, Kevin A. Risner

Scorched, MJ Moore

A Break from Mowing, Lannie Stabile

From the Sky to the Ground, Devon Marsh

what’s left, Linda M. Crate

Criminalis Carolina, Juliette van der Molen

The mosquito meets death, Broc Riblet

The First Hot Night of Summer, JD Sullivan

I Should be Writing / Mango, Margaret King

Heat, Kunjana Parashar

Hot Water, Linda Goin

Next to an orchard in central Washington, LE Francis

First Date Not Counting Lester Duncan, Colette Tennant

Fever, Judy DeCroce

In the Heat of the Moment, Antoni Ooto

Declaration, Megha Sood

A cold glass of water against this heat, Laurie Koensgen

Brimstone, Frances Boyle

First Burn, Jeff Burt

Magenta is a Landscape, Cymelle Leah Edwards

The Pottery Firing at Mata Ortiz: Mexico, Janice S. Fuller

On a Sunny Sunday, Lynn White

Robin, Anthony, and Me, Hannah Skewes

The Quintessence of Fire, Stephen Mead

Oracle, Charles Venable

11.52 PM and Pining, Jerry Chiemeke

The Chilling Heat, Linda Eve Diamond

Luminescent Two-Step, Essie Dee

Playing with Fire, Martina Rimbaldo

how to swim, Rick White

That Summer We Knew Each Other, Kassandra Montag

First Love, Merril D. Smith

Manufactured Seasons, Prithiva Sharma

Milk, Bread, and a Few Essential Groceries, Rob McKinnon

Cracker Night, Kevin Densley

Naked, Jennifer Gauthier

In the heat of a sun too seldom felt, Elspeth Wilson

Enjoying Emerald Isle, Catherine A. Coundjeris

I’ll Forget You, Julianna May

coolness, Constance Schultz


Summer Memories, Kyla Houbolt

Remember to Drink Water, Lynne Schmidt

Scarzone, Hibah Shabkhez

Aliens, C. Cimmone

Confessions of a Poetry Editor on a Bad Work Day, Justin Karcher

Bunker is Dead, K.T. Slattery

Wildman, Dani Putney

The Nature of Knowledge Itself, Kathleen McKitty Harris

A Night in San Sebastian, Sarah Jake Fishman

Ocular You, Alexondria Jolene

Phoenix, Lisa Lerma Weber


torque, Kiira Rhosair

The Mind is a Crazy Place, Renee Lake

Persephone, Mollie Williamson

Taylor Stein, Max Eichelberger

Honey of Andromeda, Jieyan Wang

Our Beautiful Bodies, Christopher Moore

Sitting in Ash, Sean Riley

he felt infinite, Anushka Bidani


Saying Goodnight in Amber, Marsha Leigh
August Evening, Elle Danbury
unbroken, Rosie Carter
wading, Rosie Carter
goodbyes, K Weber
that once was a picnic, K Weber
Promise, Elle Danbury
Evening Fire, Elizabeth Dickinson
Insomnia, Rosie Carter
venting in all directions, K Weber
sugar-tongue, Britton Minor
freckled fire, K Weber
shade, Rosie Carter
Bliss, Britton Minor
Necessary Destruction, Zoe Philippou
almost your scorched earth, K Weber
Web Design, Britton Minor
i cannot stand but you can withstand, K Weber
burn the bright dots like you are the sun, K Weber
Heart of the Fire, Zoe Philippou

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Embers, Zoe Philippou


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