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Editor’s Letter

Founding Editor, Juliette Sebock


the story of us,  Breanne Weber

Like It IsAnna Teresa Slater

Erophilia, Michael Estabrook

Still unsentCarl Alexandersson

To Kiss Your Burled Lips, Annette Gagliardi

Valentine Wishing, Rick Blum

It’s so hard to remember when it’s wanted, Tori Eberle

To a Distant Lover, Jenny Robb

PatchRickey Rivers Jr.

Coffee Courtship, Anne White

Spinning Time, Michael Maul

I love…, Marcelle Newbold

Love Poems That Are Not About Suffering Are Difficult, Lauren Boisvert

Getting Things in Order, Brian John Yule

You Make Me Bloom, Erich von Hungen

Because the Moon Is Tuned to Open G, Karla Linn Merrifield

Nothing More Beautiful, Elizabeth Kemball

Strawberries, Kim Malinowski

Autumnal Aches, Emma Sims

Hiraeth, Whitney Hansen

geeky and the beast, Jasmine Arch

Green Shoes, Katelyn Darrow

Cupid, Wilda Morris

Living Room Love Poem, Jessica Siobhan Frank

Side by Each, Edward Higgins

Star II, H.E. Grahame

Aubade, Jo Angela Edwins

Inkwell, Jason Whitt

Wedding at Ward 35, Daniel Hinds

Stirring, Kim Ann


Unlocked, December Lace

A Wedding, T.M. Semrad

Love Letter to a Young Man in A Foreign Land, Marie A Bailey


Coffee Date, Catherine Thoms

Threshing, Don Noel

Love-Drury, Nicola Ashbrook

Perhaps, Essie Dee

Penn Station Sunday, 1942Tony Press


Writing You a Letter, Karin Hedetniemi

Affection, Karin Hedetniemi

Kindness, Karin Hedetniemi

Blossoming, Karin Hedetniemi

Broken Love Bee Eaters, Hannah Fischer

Mysterious, Karin Hedetniemi

Firenze, Karin Hedetniemi

Everywhere I Go, Karin Hedetniemi

Confession, Karin Hedetniemi

Adoration, Karin Hedetniemi

Cover Image

Always Remember This, Karin Hedetniemi


In the leadup to love, we shared a series of micropoems across social media: 

love micropoems