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Editor’s Letter

Founding Editor, Juliette Sebock


Jogging to Reich, Stuart Rawlinson


Kourtína, Zebib K. A.

Record Player, Maya Stott

A little love poem on a little love poem, N.D. Erwin

Ode to Klickitat Cabin, Joann Renee Boswell

To A Singer, From Her Songs, Clare O’Brien

A Late-Night Playroom Soirée, Lauren Aspery

3 A.M. is the Perfect Time For a Lost Lover, Hunter Blackwell

an ode to troubled times, Rebecca L. Yong

Pillars of Creation, Sam Jowett

Eleftheriou, Anne Rundle

Brill-Building Pop, Alan Parry

A Change Of Key, Lynn White

Self- Portrait as my most repeated song, Yasmine Rukia

Atlas & The Exact Weight of Calamity in Six Letters, Ariel K. Moniz

Dancing Master, RC deWinter

What’s Left in the Cooler, Richard LeDue

Soft susurrus, Athena Melliar

Pop Song Crush, Jeffrey H. MacLachlan

Sylvia and the Lorelei, Kevin Densley

A Song for Ho(me), Adritanaya Tiwari

Bittersweet Symphony, Megha Sood


New York’s (Just Like) Starting Over, Kathleen McKitty Harris

Learning to Play, Brad Shurmantine


After a Room full of Muddled Melodies, Mandira Pattnaik

Sing for Me,” Iona Murphy

Intervals, Sasha Ockenden

Daphne, Linda McMullen


Amusement Park Blues, Ange Yang

Let the music play, Martina Rimbaldo

The Magic, Parth Shirke

Nostalgia, Martina Rimbaldo

Melody is lost in time, Martina Rimbaldo

the key to unlock the melody, Martina Rimbaldo

Paris In Song, Pallavi Narayan

the music notes are waiting for you, Martina Rimbaldo

antique melody, Martina Rimbaldo

Cover Image

rose is listening to the quiet guitar strings, Martina Rimbaldo


In the leadup to melody, we shared a series of micropoems across social media: 

melody micropoems