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Editor’s Letter

Founding Editor, Juliette Sebock


Warnings and Admonitions, Patricia Budd

October, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Rumours and oracles, Kate Garrett

Living Ghosts, Jim Hanson

Supplication to Flame, Nate Maxson

In the Dungeon of Duntulm Castle, Elizabeth Spencer Spragins

a curse of opera (and love), Rochelle L. Harris Cox

Night Insect Roll Call, Cynthia Gallaher

The Crows of Portland, C.M. Lanning

Hologram, Gaby Bedetti

I’m Sorry, I’m New At This, Clare Chai

New Moon, Thomas Zimmerman

Apocalypse Now, Neha Maqsood

Scarecrow, Diandra Holmes

Anatomy of Solitude, Marielle Songy

Werewolves, Jason B. Crawford

Last Nightmare, Alannah Radburn

The Night the Ghosts Screamed, James G. Piatt

Vanishing Point, Allene Nichols

Driving at Night, Samantha Godwin

After Ireland’s 1916 Rising, in England, Lavinia Kumar

Crow, J V Birch

Gaga, Anca Vlasopolos

My descent into meaning, Peter Wood

Danse Macabre, Stephen Jackson

Ghost Trees at Midnight, Ginger Dehlinger

A Neverland of Sad Feelings, Pranav Yadav

The Unbearable Torture of the Raven at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, K.T. Slattery

Double, Double, Steve Deutsch

Mirages, Mário Santos

A blinding, Jane Dougherty

Forever Midnight, Larry Blazek

Maybe at the end all you see is faces, Archana Sridhar

Only thinking deadly, Mark A. McCutcheon

Decrypted Glasgow Churchyard, Christina Ciufo

All Soul’s Night, KB Ballentine

awaiting your ghost, RC deWinter

You Are a Raven, Heather Sager


Windows of Stone, Birdy Odell

To Carry a Stone, Jordan Brown

little girl we lost two days old, Britton Minor

Seeking the Dead, DW McKinney

Dangers of the Trade, Mitchell G. Roshannon


O’Leary’s, Donna Vitucci

The Post, Dorian J. Sinnott

Silhouette, Larissa Reid

Earth to Earth, J.S. Watts


Walls by the Sea, Martina Rimbaldo

Winged, Olivier Schopfer

Dusk, Olivier Schopfer

Hope, Olivier Schopfer

Fractured gates of our non-existent fate, Martina Rimbaldo

portal, Martina Rimbaldo

Beautiful acrylic mess … darkling palette is the sad art of its own kind …, Martina Rimbaldo

pillbox, Britton Minor

in the shadows of artificial moonbeam, Martina Rimbaldo

Down the Road, Olivier Schopfer

Idle Thoughts, Brielle Epoh

Candle, Martina Rimbaldo

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Sick Doctor, Shannon Elizabeth Gardner


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