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Editor’s Letter

Founding Editor, Juliette Sebock


Reconsidering Cosmology/The Universe is a Big Fat Egoist, Kaylor Jones

Sunday Morning Rachel B. Baxter

The Lion-Side of March, Kimberly Wolkens

Feedback to the Director, William Conelly

Shakespeare in Camden, 2019, Ellora Sutton

Portrait, Leah Gonzalez

Once Again, Melodie Jones

Reservation Renaissance, Bailey Dann

Spring, Seth Jani

Portents, Kari A. Flickinger

Lizzie Borden Day, William Doreski

an ocean of sound and she, Nikkin Rader

Once, Surabhi Parmar

Snail Male, Jonathan Hope

Where the Thunder Goes, Kevin Kissane

Aw Shucks, Sasha Carney

Beyond the Balcony Rosette, Cynthia Anne Cashman

Revival, Emily Craig

Dancing Fountain, Marianne Brems

Libera, Courtney Burk

Mutual Defenders, Adrian Slonaker

Casualties, Lynne Schmidt

Harsh Drenching of an Early Spring Rain, Jeffrey Yamaguchi

A Hat Menagerie, Preston Smith

Humanist Heresy, Susan E. Gunter

A Beautiful Summery Evening in Spring, Joris Lenstra

Future Comings, Cheryl Heineman

Life does not have to stutter no more, Aremu Adams Adebisi

Day’s End, Birdy McDowell

lady in red, Claudia Radmore

she tells me to imagine a place of peace, alyssa hanna

Constellations, Paul Bluestein


How to…, Britton Minor

Boxes, Liat Miriam

Magnolia Leaves, Jane M. Fleming

The Windmill, Charis Fox

Along the Perimeter, Kristin Kozlowski

What I Think About When I Think About My Mom, Holly Salvatore


Alive in the World, Camille Clarke

Rusalka Awakened, Bayveen O’Connell

The Cherry Blossoms, Lily Cooper

Treading Water in a Sea of Consciousness, Essie Dee

Méchant, Don Noel

Faló delle vanitá, K.T. Slattery


Beacon, Isidra Pendragon

Spring Rain, Charlotte Hamrick

Bright Eyes, Lisa Lerma Weber

Home, Isidra Pendragon

Shelled Friend, Isidra Pendragon

Brilliance, Charlotte Hamrick

Hope, Lisa Lerma Weber

Wild 2, Lisa Lerma Weber

Flight, Lisa Lerma Weber

Growth, Isidra Pendragon

Morning Moon, Charlotte Hamrick

Hidden Magnolia, Charlotte Hamrick

Strange Places, Isidra Pendragon

Awakening, Lisa Lerma Weber

Fantasia, Charlotte Hamrick

At Rest, DW McKinney

Cover Image

April Showers, Isidra Pendragon


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