Silence – a lost art

“Silence – a lost art”

Megha Sood

Silence is neatly tucked
between the layered wings of the soaring eagle
the shifting angle of his wings
holds the distance between
the spoken and the untold

Silence has its own semantics
the lexicon of the unspoken
I can carry the debilitating
pain in my marred soul for eons
before you see the
tears trickling from my eyes

Silence, a deep soliloquy with time
you press ears to the
throbbing heart
else would miss the pain

Silence is neatly tucked
in the palm of a stillborn
dissolved in its muted stench

Silence is the only conversation
for the reticent mind
as the moon brushes across my face
dripping the verses
picked neatly by the time

Silence is a lost art
so sublime.

Megha Sood