Elisabeth Horan

Just let go—-

Time to take it easy—
Let them take you in 

Be the candle
Not the fire hazard 

Take a break from spitting tacks
Bending over fighting back 

No one’s going to help you
They’ll leave you writhing in the blood warm 

Earth. Lift your heart up out your chest
Splat it on the sidewalk. Rip the soul

 Right out of your belly wring it dry, hang
Up for the rest to see what

You become. Ate enough shit you say, I
Split. Drank enough heartache, split. Let 

Go, what’s the point. Be
Thankful for what God didn’t do to you,  

So take
your lick
s, the bit
ch, the stam
ps, the bott
le, the mot
el, the need
le, the cita
tion, the
jail bir
d, the dad
dy, the flous
ie, the orph
an, the beg
gar, the can
cer, the stitch
es the den
tures the gl
ass and make a
bird. Wat
ch my angel
go, it fli
es so soft

Elisabeth Horan